Monasteries in Mirabello area

Moni Areti

Located at an altitude of 530m. north of Karydi settlement. The monastery was founded between 1580 and 1596 by the nobleman Marco Papadopoulos and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It has two entrances and two courtyards. In the outer courtyard there are the wine press, storage and stable, while the monks' cells, the universal and the water tanks are located in the inner courtyard. The convent also has cheese and mill.


Moni Kremasta

South of Naples, on the slopes of Kavalara mountain at an altitude of 397m.. The name is linked to the fortress-like architecture and location that make it look like it is hanging on the slope. According to the legend, the monastery was founded by Mitrofanis  Agapitos in 1593. Although the original was male monastery, after 1993 turned into a female. Also outside the monastery there is another temple dedicated to downstream Myrrhbearing. The monastery almost from the beginning of the operation has been very active: during the years of Ottoman rule here functioned school while running Iconography workshop today


Moni of Koufi Petra

The nunnery hollow Petra is located west of the Moni Kremasta and a short distance from it is very close to Naples and taps. It is dedicated to the Annunciation. The view from the monastery to the province of Mirabello is panoramic. Very close to the monastery are the remains of a small temple was built inside a rock cave. Probably the name of the monastery is due to this temple, which is built in a "hollow" stone. The monastery has comfortable facilities, and elegantly crafted the surrounding area. By extension of the old church is built the new church of St. John the Baptist. In the yard of the monastery there is the tomb of Bishop Meletio Chlapoutaki and beside the grave of his sister Irene.

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